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    Uganda Wildlife Safaris

    Uganda is a landlocked country and is known as "pearl of Africa". The region is known for its equatorial climate and is along the Nile basin. In addition to the climate, forest parks and savannahs hosts many rare wild animals and rare birds that attracts wildlife safaris in Uganda. An undiscovered and spectacular wildlife attracts and amazes visitors. The pleasing and uncommon weather all around the year is present in Uganda as it has equatorial climate. This climate makes visitor's journey unforgettable as it gives more and stunning experiences.

    Attactions In Uganda Wildlife Safaris

    Many national parks and lush green forests welcome visitors all through the year. Locals are very friendly who makes the visitors to feel it as their nation though there are wide range of diversities in culture, traditions and custom along with language barriers. In addition to wildlife, deep lakes, scenic views and soaring mountains may give an amazing impression on Uganda's nature and wildlife sceneries.

    Wildlife In Uganda

    Uganda wildlife safaris offered by Malaika Tours Ltd. can make you to travel all along the forests, mountains and can experience you wildlife research activities. The extensive variety of fauna and flora makes Uganda unique compared with many other wildlife destinations in Africa. Uganda is also called as bird watching destination as it is home to thousand species of birds. Several bird species which are found in Uganda are not found in other places of world. Almost half of world's mountain gorillas which are endangered can be found here and chimpanzees are the best attractions in Uganda wildlife parks.

    Gorilla Safaris

    With many best elements in Uganda, it is also best known for safari destination as wildlife safaris and gorilla safaris are more adventurous in Uganda. These safaris help to explore deep lakes, scenic views, lush green forests and soaring mountains. Malaika Tours Ltd. makes these gorilla safaris a memorable experience by providing access to varieties of gorillas. The best time to visit Uganda is during dry season i.e. from December to February and from June to September. Communications become tough during rainy season and so it is not suggestible to go for safari during wet season.

    Rare Widlife

    There are almost ten national parks in Uganda which provides home to many varieties of animals and birds. There are some rare animals and birds which cannot be found in any other place in the world. Some of the rare species of animals and birds found in Uganda are black and white colobus with different types of monkeys and antelope species. The most popular national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls national park where a rare animal called Therareoribi is seen in pairs. Of course, gorillas can be seen all around the year but it is better to avoid rainy seasons as many gorillas cannot be spotted during rainy times. Malaika Tours have many numbers of professionals who work to provide best experience to visitors with all world class facilities and memorable events with safari experience.

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