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    Gorilla Tours & Safari in Rwanda

    In the entire world, mountain gorillas can be seen only in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Gorillas are seen in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. According to the data in 2015, there are about seven Gorilla groups in Rwanda. Only 56 permits are given per day to trek the endangered apes. Gorilla Trekking safaris are provided by many travel agents and Malaika Tours Ltd. is the best option for it as gorilla permit is also arranged for it. An accommodation can be booked close to the park while transport is also offered.

    Expectations from Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

    Trekking starts early in the morning along with the suitable etiquette and a guide gives all the necessary instructions for gorilla trekking safaris. As they are called mountain gorillas, an element of hiking is must in Rwanda gorilla trekking. Depending on the physical strength, trekking may take time from half an hour to couple of hours. In general, the gorilla group is scattered in thick vegetation. The gorillas carry on with their feed and other interactions although they know that visitors are watching them.

    Where to See Gorilla in Rwanda

    Rwanda Gorilla tours offered by Malaika Tours Ltd. give you all the information about the presence of gorillas in Rwanda. Gorilla groups can be tracked only in volcanoes national park where 480 mountain gorillas live at an altitude of 2,300 to 4,500 meters. There are many habituated families of gorilla in and around volcanoes national park which are accessible for tourist purposes. Hence, trekkers can visit the place for Gorilla groups. Visitors can spend about one hour with one gorilla group where only 8 groups are allowed to visit one gorilla group in a day.

    Gorilla Event and Conservation

    There are number of activities related to mountain gorillas and the famous one among them is Kwita Izina ceremony which is called naming of gorillas. This event is celebrated every year where many celebrities are invited for this occasion. If Rwanda gorilla tours are booked during this time, one can get a chance to participate in this naming ceremony. There exist some gorilla conservationists in Rwanda.

    Gorilla Trekking Experience

    Gorilla trekking is unforgettable experience and is also known as life-changing safari experience in the most spectacular rainforest in Africa. Various gorilla trekking safaris are offered by gorilla trekking tours who take the visitors deep in to the rainforests to see these endangered giant gorillas. This tour is characterised by amazing moments so that visitors generally fall in love with the beautiful and astonishing wilderness. Best gorilla tours however add more to visitor's experience as can return with magical moments. Although gorilla trekking safaris can be done all around the year, the best time is during rainy seasons: April to May and in November. However, the perfect time to track gorillas is during drier times like December and February and from June to September. Totally, gorilla trekking experience will be like once in a lifetime experience to the visitors and so choosing the best travels are very important.

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