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    Kenya Wildlife Safari With Malaika Tours

    Malaika Tours Ltd. is one of the pioneering tour travels with operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania since many years. This travels provides both personal and private safari experiences with little bit difference when compared to other travels. The uniqueness of Malaika travels lies in its safaris with a traditional game viewing. Further, the travels provide private trekking on all snow-capped routes of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro.Malaika travels are equally concerned with the safety services during trekking. Hence, Malaika travels make your priced holiday in Africa worthy. All the best class services are provided by Malaika Tours Ltd. which has enough experience with safaris.

    About Kenya And Its Wildlife

    Kenya is rich in wildlife with wide range of cultural and geographical diversity. The country got its name from the second highest peak in Africa. The climate of Kenya is tropical with arid highlands which suits as best location for wildlife diversity. In addition to wildlife, Kenya is known for its sandy beaches, desert areas, coral reefs, boating islands and incredible lakes. Kenya is hence recognised as "Craddle of Humanity" as it has the significant Hominid fossils which are found to be from earlier ancestors. Kenya's reserves have large herds of buffalo, zebra and wildebeest with elephant, giraffe and lion inhabiting the lands.

    In the entire African continent, Kenya is a fascinating destination especially to safari lovers because of its ethnic diversity and the presence of around 40 different tribes. Tourists especially love Masai Mara as it witnesses the great migration of wild animals like eland, gazelle. Big Cat population is exceptionally found in Masaimara and this migration is seen from July to October. All the wildlife highlights and cultural highlights of African country can be witnessed through safaris.

    The Best Time to Visit kenya

    The best time to visit Kenya is from late June to October. Animals like wildebeest migrate to Masaimara in July and move back to Tanzania in October. However, wildlife viewing is an awesome experience all around the year. Every individual has his/her own preferences and Malaika values those preferences by providing enough luxuries. Personalised services are offered in every trip according to the requirements of customers making Kenya Safari Tours an exciting and unique experience. Malaika Tours is one stop solution for an individual or a group of individuals. The travels also maintain well maintained and professionally trained guides for Kenya Safari Tours. The best world class accommodation is provided for the customers making the itinerary great.

    Wildlife Safaris IN Kenya

    A safari is interesting and successful only when it is properly planned and guided excellently on ground. All these facilities and experiences are given by Malaika Tours Ltd. which offers best Kenya wildlife safaris. Wildlife safaris in Kenya are the best experience that an individual can experience in Kenya as the nature is known for its beauty. Kenya Safari Toursby Malaika Travels Ltd. offers best Kenya wildlife safaris with a better experience and is also worth to spend holidays in Kenya.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Kenya is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa. It is perfectly safe to visit Kenya, though the usual precautionary measures need to be taken.
    a. Never keep your luggage unattended.
    b. Keep your valuables in safe place.
    c. Don’t go outside your accommodation after it is dark
    d. Report any suspicious behaviour

    Taking these precautionary safety measures can help you ensure safety during your visit to this beautiful and peace loving country.

    Kenya , being located on Equator, is a country with moderate climate. It is a year-round destination and it is possible to see wildlife at all times of the year. However, according to your interests, certain times may be better than others. Certain times can be best for wildlife viewing while the other can be suitable to see the Great Migration! In ideal weather conditions, the best time for Wildlife Viewing is the usual hot and dry season between January through March while the best time to see the Great migration is From June to October. It is to be noted that the migration cycle is totally unpredictable and variations can occur because of the changing pattern of the weather globally.
    The Official High/Peak Season for Kenya Safari is during the dry months of July to March while the wet months from April to June are known as Low Season.
    The national language of Kenya is Swahili but most of the Kenyans understand English as well. In all, there are almost 40 regional languages spoken in Kenya.
    Kenya is a somewhat conservative nation where shorts and short skirts are frowned upon in many parts of the country. Due to the dry climate, cotton shirts (preferably long sleeves), sweaters, t-shirts and slacks should be a part of your clothing on a Kenya Safari. Nights are often chilly so, you must have warm clothes like, fleece tops, a windbreaker and jacket as well. Socks and good walking shoes are most important. The Military camouflage clothes are considered illegal in many parts of Africa, so avoid them. Try to pack clothes that do not take long to dry and gets easily into your bag.
    Kenya's safari accommodations range from tented camps to Local Inns to Game Park Lodges to Beach Resorts to Luxurious hotels. You may opt whichever suits your requirement.
    Yes, Visas are compulsory for all visitors, including those from countries such as the USA, UK, Germany and Belgium, which were previously exempt. You may apply for a VISA at a Kenyan embassy in your home country or at Jomo Kenyatta or Wilson Airports upon arrival to Kenya.
    Yes, it is highly recommended that you take out proper travel insurance at the time of confirming your booking. The travel Insurance should cover any medical emergencies, cancellation of arrangements and loss of your luggage.
    Yes, banking Services are easily available in Kenya. Most of the national and International Banks have their branches in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Thika, Eldoret, Kericho and Nyeri, and major other towns. Also, the Banks and bureaux de change at International airports are open 24 hours a day.
    Yes, all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express, are widely accepted throughout Kenya.

    Our Clients Feedback


    highly appreciable

    Planning to Kenya Safari? Mark my words; Malaika Tours Ltd is the best tour operator to Kenya Wildlife Safari with! Their professionalism, efficiency and expertise right from the day of the booking till the return after the summit,is highly appreciable.


    excellent communication and guidance

    I had an awesome experience of Kenya Wildlife Safari with MALAIKA TOURS LTD. There was excellent communication and guidance prior and during the Safari. The tour itinerary was clear and crisp defining fitness goals to help us ready for the demands of the Safari. Their professional attitude and expertise helped us reach the summit. Thumps up!


    best tour operator

    The best tour operator for a beginner Kenya Wildlife Safari! MALAIKA TOURS LTD helped from the very first day I contacted them and help me opt for the best possible Wildlife Safari as per my interest and ability. Our guide was very helpful and encouraging. He made sure that things go smoothly for us and we are properly taken care of. Simply the best!


    awesome experience altogether

    My Kenya Wildlife Safari with MALAIKA TOURS LTD was an awesome experience altogether. I was allocated guide who didn’t take the expedition as their job but had a passion to enjoy the expedition. A mountaineering expert I would say. The camps were warm and comfortable. The Wildlife Safari after the summit was a real adventure! Looking forward for my next climb with them!


    recommend them to anyone

    1. An incredible experience of a well-organized and executed Kenya Wildlife Safari with. The guides were experts with climbing and had a world class climbing experience. Always ready to help and get whatever information I needed. I happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful Wildlife Safari experience that is safe, efficient and smooth.


    Simply the best

    Overall a fantastic Kenya Wildlife Safari Experience! Honestly, MALAIKA TOURS LTD outperformed my expectations. The program was well-organised and well-executed. The guides were experts focused and had great Wildlife Safari experience. Their motivation helped us reach the summit. I will be using MALAIKA TOURS LTD again for my next expedition and wildlife safaris. Great work!


    fantastic Kenya Wildlife Safari Experience

    1. Malaika Tours Ltd not only met but exceeded our expectations. The overall experience with them was outstanding with their organised, efficient and proficient services. They were just perfect from lodging in Arusha and safari and finally the climb itself! The guide carried medicines with him that helped us give the summit. I have nothing but to say positives about them!

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