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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Guide & Best Tours Operator

Mt. Kilimanjaro, roughly 19,340 ft is the highest peak in Africa and also the freestanding mountain on the entire earth. Mt. Kilimanjaro is entirely covered with snow-cap and is found in Kilimanjaro national park that is present in Tanzania. In order to climb Mount Kilimanjaro guide is essential as it is highly difficult to climb. Trekkers need a comprehensive guide who gives accurate information to successfully climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Unique Trekking

In the process of Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro tours operator, Malaika Tours Ltd. provides all the necessary valuable information to the trekkers. Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro is very unique as it is one of the seven highest summits in world and is a non-technical climb. Only a fit-enthusiast along with a guide can successfully and safely reach the summit. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and expediting through safari is one of the greatest adventures that anyone can experience.

Physical Conditioning

Everyone cannot climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as it is at such a high altitude and trekkers should have at least a habit of walking 4 to 8 hours a day. Trekking includes almost 8 hours to ascend and seven hours to descend and so trekkers require endurance and strength. Being in perfect physical condition is the most important aspect for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. If physically let fit candidates try to trek the mountain, they cannot maintain pace and enjoy the trek like other participants. It is recommended that trekking can be done only after proper check from physician.

Why Trekking Kilimanjaro With Us

There many tour operators to choose from local and foreign agencies, some sell very expensive in abroad and outsource from local in Tanzania but Kilimanjaro is not cheap we stand different from others due to:

Customized Private Treks

We customized only private treks and we do not join travelers, we want you to enjoy your trekking with people you know not stranger in Kilimanjaro.

Family Outfitters

After many years in guiding safaris and Kilimanjaro trekking, our family started our company not because of money, but because we wanted our clients to see and enjoy Kilimanjaro in different ways. We are from Kilimanjaro and we know Kilimanjaro better!

Great Guides In Kilimanjaro

We provide 1 guide with every 2 climber, this helps to ensure that our climbers get great care and attention during trek. Our porters carry emergency oxygen tanks during the summit on Kilimanjaro. We pay well our guides and porters. All our guides are Kilimanjaro professional guides.

Great Time Experience

You decide when you want to climb, we don’t decide for you. Everything is personalized to fit your requirement. We are based in Arusha Tanzania and we have GSA in Norway Europe so you deal with us direct. We are not a booking agent, we are Kilimanjaro based outfitters!


Most of the trekkers don’t have any idea on the diet required during trekking. It is compulsory to have plenty of quality and healthy food on hand while trekking. Hence, Mount Kilimanjaro trek cost is usually said to be high because of all these requirements. Malaika Tours Ltd. provides porters to carry these meals that consist of both international and local cuisine. Trekkers also have doubt regarding their sleeping places. Except Marangu route, full-service camping is provided at all routes. Sleeping material include sleeping bag with pillow and the trekkers doesn’t need to bring anything.

Doubts Regarding Trekking

Many people have doubts regarding trekking as it is a difficult task to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Most of the trekkers fear about altitude as there will be less oxygen available at higher altitudes. All the necessary precautions are given by Malaika Tours and suggest the trekkers to climb slowly and steadily. This makes the body to adjust for the temperature and environment changes. Climbing Kilimanjaro is not a cakewalk and can be done only by healthy travellers who are moderately fit. Of course, it is better if some advance training is taken by the trekker. With six months operation, trekker can easily climb Mt. Kilimanjaro without much difficulty. Before reaching the place, it is advisable to book your trekking with Malaika Tours Ltd. that guides you with all the necessary precautions some months before.

Routes Offered on Kilimanjaro

Machame and Lemosho are the two routes offered on Kilimanjaro by Malaika Tours. A week climb itinerary is offered in Machame but some people try to climb it in just five days. There are five ecosystems found in Machame route. Machame route is described as a classic route with beautiful scenery and wild animals. The Lemosho route is completed in 9 days and there is a chance to get sleep after climbing the summit which is taken care by Malaika tours. Compared to Machame, Lemosho is the more demanding route. But, the climbers of Lemosho must get themselves acclimatised to 18600 feet. This route is recommended by Malaika tours only for trekkers who have an experience and not suggested for non-technical climbers. To climb this route, professional mountain guide is very important.

Prerequisites to climb Kilimanjaro

There is no climbing experience required for trekking Kilimanjaro. But there is some physical conditioning required for trekking Kilimanjaro as it is a high altitude climb. Trekking Kilimanjaro takes 8 hours to climb up and 7 hours to climb down. The trekkers should have endurance and strength to climb Kilimanjaro. Hence, a good physical condition is an important requirement to climb Kilimanjaro according to Malaika tours. An inadequate fitness will affect pace, atmosphere and the overall enjoyment of trek. Trekkers should plan well before the specific date of trek.

Environmental Responsibility

We sometimes take the responsibility of cleaning garbage during the Kilimanjaro climbing season. With the help of some contractors, the garbage is cleaned for every 7 days on the mountain. An average of 85 kilos garbage is removed during a trip. This garbage disposal was further taken by national park enforcement. Hence, national park is further encouraged by our tours to educate tourists, operators, porters along with enjoying the mountain. The local population is assisted in protecting the people and land in that region. In this way, all these businesses are done according to the ethical practices.

Kilimanjaro safari locations

A four day safari to various game parks of Tanzania is planned generally by tourists to have a glance of this place by our tours. Luxurious hotels are available in the midway and can be enjoyed through safari travel and are taken care of by us. The Ngorongoro crater is the second largest crater which is extinct in the world and is the largest intact crater. It is also considered as the active volcano as it has a dry crater whose cone was collapsed some million years ago. There is a rich forest vegetation in the crater rim and has oval shape. The flowers bloom in different colours like pink, blue, candle white lilies, white lupines. This crater is located in the north of Tanzania and west of the rift valley. There are many hotels and lodges on the rim of the crater and all the bookings can be done by Malaika Tours.

Serengeti national park is a signature park in Tanzania which covers 15000 square miles and is recommended to trekkers by Malaika Tours. Many animals can be located in this park and one can get an overwhelming experience. These different wild animals can be remembered for a long period of time because of their wild and staggering appearance.